Murphy Beds- A Closer Look

When it comes to custom cabinets, people usually go for a same theme for the overall room or even the house. A custom cabinet can be found in cabinet makers shops which can be part of the themed furniture. One can easily tell whether they want contemporary or traditional style of cabinets but when it comes to bed, it is pretty hard to tell which style will go with the theme. You can easily incorporate your chosen theme in almost every style of the bed but a correct choice can make it look like something solely made to match your theme.By clicking we get more information about theĀ  murphy bed store.

The style of bed should also match your personal style and comfort level as well. There really are so many to choose from. Some of these styles are simple and can complement any furniture theme in your house, while some need to be customized for this. Let us take a look at the types of bed available in the market.

-Canopy bed: Canopy beds are very extravagant style of beds which are also called the four poster bed. These beds are more common in United Kingdom. These beds come in all sizes from king size to single. The name canopy comes from a suspended canopy which drapes down from the canopy frame above the four posts of the bed. The canopy frame is usually the same size and shape of the bed but the variations include a circular frame as well.

-Futons: Futon beds are originally from Japan and were designed to focus on less space coverage. In the 80s, west was very inspired by the eastern culture and the Futon entered the western culture along with several variations. In Japan, the Futon used to be a thin mattress that can be easily rolled away to save the space. In West, futon incorporated a simple and light frame of wood or even iron.

-Platform Beds: if you are looking for something extremely simple yet stylish than Platform Beds are what you need. These beds usually look like a plain wooden platform with no footboard or headboard. These beds are normally much closer to the floor and not too high.

-Murphy Beds: Murphy beds were invented to cope up with serious space problems, especially in small apartments. These beds can easily be fold back into a wall or closet when no one requires sleeping in it. There are two types of Murphy beds; one that can be folded into a wall, second one can be folded into an attached closet.

-Bunk Beds: another very practical and space saving style of bed is the bunk bed. Bunk beds are usually double and sometimes even triple story beds. Although, there are many safety issues regarding the height of the bunk beds, this style of bed is extremely popular as a children bed. Another variation of the bunk bed is the Loft bed. In loft bed the lower area is used for a purpose other than sleeping. For e.g. children’s study desk.